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The magic question that many people may think about from time to time. I interview and headhunt many potential candidates each week and these are some of the most common questions I find myself answering: Would it not be better to apply directly? Will they mis-sell me the position just to ensure they get a fee? Would I potentially be at risk trusting my details with a third party / confidentiality exposed? Will I be mis-represented? Will they drive me down on salary?

These are all questions which may well cross your mind before starting a job search, so let’s go through these one by one so I can give you my take on why a recruiter can add value to your job search.  

Would it not be better for me to apply directly?

This is a great question, and one which you may think makes total sense. Ultimately, the reason companies will engage with a recruiter is because they simply do not have the time or resources to interview and sift through 100’s of resumes; this is where us as recruiters can add value. Let’s give you an example: You see an opening for a position online and choose to apply, you update your Resume, write a cover letter and send the application. Great! Now you sit back and wait for the employer to get back to you and hopefully have a chance of securing an interview. The applications do not close for another two weeks so not hearing back, you remain optimistic as they are still taking on applications and your resume becomes further and further down the pile of potential candidates.

This is where we come in. As I have already had an overview from the client on what they are seeking and correctly qualified you as a candidate this makes the process very straight forward. I believe strongly in relationships and having a conversation with someone about their skillset rather than what a resume will say in black and white. I will call the client, give them an overview on you and your experience and ultimately how you can be an asset to the team. 9 times out of 10 if I have correctly qualified you against what the employer is looking for, the client will have an interest and on that same phone call we will get a slot for you to interview and your foot through the door.

BENEFIT: Rather than wait for a company to come back to you after they have sifted through several Resumes, you have a direct introduction through the recruiter to the hiring manager. No waiting around, you will have a yes or a no decision often within hours of speaking to the recruiter about your position. No waiting for applications to close, I see it as a queue jump in the process.

Will they mis-sell me the position just to ensure they get a fee?

This may be true with some fly by night recruiters who just want to take money and run from clients, however with me this is just a complete no no! All my clients have protection in place should a candidate not work out, so it simply would not be beneficial for me to do this. Taking the recruiter fee aside, let me explain another reason why I would not want to do this.

One big thing for me is a long-term relationship with both the candidate and the client. What gives me the biggest satisfaction in my job? Helping people achieve their career goals! I genuinely cannot think of a better feeling than speaking with a candidate down the line who joined a company through the help of me, where they have had a promotion or had a specific achievement which has meant something to them. This is my goal for you! Get you into an environment where you can be more successful, grow with the company or more flexibility, whatever the reason may be on why you are seeking change. I will listen carefully to what you want in a career and do my utmost to achieve this for you. If I have an opportunity but I think it would only be a short-term fix for you, I would rather the process take longer, and we find the perfect company for you!  

Would I potentially be at risk trusting my details with a third party / confidentiality exposed?

This is probably one of the biggest questions I come across. It seems that many people have had a bad experience with a recruiter where in my opinion, that recruiter has not done their job as they are supposed to. The biggest part of any job search is confidentiality as of course you do not want your employer to find out and end up out of a job or in an awkward situation.

Rest assured, when you undertake a job search with my help this will never be the case. Any initial conversations with potential employers are again confidential. I will not mention your name or where you are working to the employer. I will give them an overview of your skillset and experience to see if there is an interest. If there is, I will then give you a call and run you through the company’s history and where they see you fitting in, potential progression opportunities and any key details with you. If you are happy, then we disclose who you are and look to set up an interview.  If you feel you need some more information or have some questions, I will always invite you to let me know before submitting you in case there is something you are not happy with and it wouldn’t be something of interest for you.

 Will they drive me down on salary?

In short NO. Why would we? You have got in touch with us to get you a better opportunity so that is the service I want to provide. All the positions we work on are pre-qualified to ensure you are able to achieve at least the market rate for the position you are going to go into. We would never want you to take a pay cut to move unless there was something spectacular or something that would outweigh the financial loss e.g You cut your commute from 120 minutes a day to 30 etc.

If you have any other questions or just want to talk about your current situation and if we can help you. Please either send me a message, email or contact me on the details below.

732 983 5531

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